Happy 80th Birthday Satin Ribbon 25mm


Beautiful Satin Happy 80th Birthday Ribbon

25mm wide

White Satin with Silver print

Sold by the meter

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Happy 80th Birthday Satin Ribbon 25mm

Beautiful Satin Happy 80th Birthday Ribbon
25mm wide

White Satin with Silver print
Sold by the meter

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Birthday ribbons add a delightful touch to celebrations! Let’s explore why they’re so popular:

     Decorative Enhancement: Ribbons are beautiful and versatile. They enhance the overall aesthetics of any celebration,      making it more festive and visually appealing.
     Personalization: Custom-printed ribbons allow you to add a personal touch. You can include the celebrant’s name, age, or a special message. Imagine a birthday gift adorned with a ribbon that says “Happy 30th Birthday!” – it instantly feels more thoughtful and unique.
     Gift Wrapping: Birthday ribbons make gift wrapping more exciting. They tie up gift boxes, bags, or even bouquets, adding an extra layer of charm. Whether it’s a small favor or an elaborate present, a ribbon makes it feel like a special treat.
     Party Decor: Ribbons can be used for decorating party spaces. Hang them as garlands, create bows for chairs, or drape them across tables. They instantly transform the ambiance and create a celebratory mood.
     Cake Toppers: Ever seen those cute mini banners or ribbons on birthday cakes? They’re adorable and add flair to the dessert. Whether it’s a simple “Happy Birthday” or a custom message, cake ribbons make the sweet treat even sweeter.

So, next time you’re celebrating a birthday, consider adding a Sewing Kingdom ribbon – it’s a small detail that makes a big difference!

 Our ribbon options are listed below;

  • Happy Birthday
  • 16th Birthday
  • 18th Birthday
  • 21st Birthday
  • 30th Birthday
  • 40th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • 60th Birthday
  • 70th Birthday
  • 80th Birthday

Why buy Bertie’s Bows Ribbon?

The ribbon is by Berties Bows. Bertie’s Bows are one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality, yet affordable ribbon and they have one of the largest selections in the UK. Launched in 2011, their range of beautiful ribbons has only become more extensive, it’s no wonder they have recently won awards for excellence and growth.

Bertie’s Bows offers a delightful selection of high-quality ribbons that cater to various needs. Whether you’re a craft enthusiast, a gift wrapper, or a DIY decorator, here are some reasons why you might want to consider buying Bertie’s Bows ribbons:

  1. Craft Projects: Bertie’s Bows ribbons are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your handmade crafts. Whether you’re creating greeting cards, scrapbooks, or fabric accessories, their diverse range of designs and fabrics allows you to find the ideal ribbon for your project.
  2. Gift Wrapping: Elevate your gift-giving game with beautiful ribbons. Bertie’s Bows offers an array of colors, patterns, and widths to complement any gift. A well-tied ribbon can turn a simple package into something truly special.
  3. Event Decor: Planning a wedding, birthday party, or other special occasion? Bertie’s Bows ribbons can enhance your event decor. From chair sashes to table runners, their ribbons add elegance and charm.
  4. Fashion and Accessories: Ribbons aren’t just for crafts—they’re also a stylish accessory. Use them as hair ties, chokers, or embellishments on clothing. Bertie’s Bows provides fashionable prints and colorways to suit your personal style.
  5. Quality and Affordability: Bertie’s Bows prioritizes both quality and affordability. Their ribbons are designed with the UK market in mind, ensuring fashionable prints and fabrics. Plus, they offer a wide selection at reasonable prices

    Who is Sewing Kingdom?

    Sewing Kingdom is based near junction 25 of the M25 in Hertfordshire. We sell Quilting fabric, Dressmaking materials, Haberdashery, and a huge selection of ribbons at a competitive rate and post them directly to your home, worldwide. Sewing Kingdom provides quality materials. Product quality coupled with excellent customer service is what you receive as a customer. The key factors of our business model since our founding in 2016.

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