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Sewing Kingdom my story

Hi, I’m a 44 year old Mum of 2, and Nanny of 2. My passion for creating came at an early age, where from I don’t know. My mum was never into any of that, (or never had time it seems). But she said that her Nan was always making something for someone. So maybe it skipped a few generations!

I started scrapbooking when I had children, I found it a great was to capture memories and still love to look back through my many albums.
I’d always had a fondness for fabric though. The colours, the texture and the amazing array of variations, wonderful. When I discovered all the things I could make with fabric, clothes, toys, bags and quilts, well there was no stopping me.

I’d always search for that unusually one off piece of fabric that couldn’t be found anywhere else, and when I found it I wanted to share it with everyone else.  This is how “Sewing Kingdom” was started.

My passion for fabric and my own personal stash just keeps growing all the time, which is way I’d love to share my passion with you.

Happy stash building.

Claire x

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